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The Healing Power of Nature

From 2019, we plant, harvest, and process our own hemp, testing our plants twice before harvesting to ensure THC levels are low and CBD levels are high. The Bartlet and Abinoam Apothecary division, named after our ancestors who founded our hometown, is focused on developing excellent retail lines with CBD-based tinctures, chocolate bars, bath bombs, lotions, and lip balms. Our products and services are addressed to both individual customers and retail stores looking to develop CBD product lines with ethically-sourced and pure hemp plants. 

Our ultimate goal is to become a fully-vertical company and gain complete control over the development process, from seed to the final product. At the moment, we source well over half of our CBD from our farm, closely supervising each stage of the process.
Our company culture is built on transparency, quality – and last but not least, love. Love for our craft, the environment, and the people.

Image by Roberto Valdivia
About Our Company

Our Company

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